Teen Depression Is More Common Than You Think – What Can The Parents Do About It?

Depression Can Be Crippling

 Depression is actually more prevalent than you think. This is especially true in the younger generation, including teens and even young adults.

It is a serious mental health issue and teens aged 12-17 are highly prone to this. The reason why it is rampant in this age group can be attributed to a number of factors including bullying, less quality time at home, more time on the internet, among other things.

If you are a parent and you see your teen gets sad more often, withdraw from any family interaction, or if they show less and less interest on the things that they used to enjoy, then it is probably time to sit down and talk with them.

Should their condition get worse, you can talk to a psychologist or a counselor to help you with the treatments.

In this article, I will give you some tips on how you can deal with teen depression if you suspect that your kid is going through a difficult time.



Start Listening To Them

If you are the type of parent who is constantly busy with work and other things, then it is probably time for you to start listening to your kid. Oftentimes, teens get depressed whenever they feel that they’re neglected by their parents.

Start by talking to them in a non-threatening and friendly manner. Genuinely get interested in knowing about their school, their studies, how they’re doing, what they intend to do, and so on.



Start Spending More Time with Them

Once you notice that your teen is actually exhibiting dramatic behavior and emotional changes and they do not act the way they used to, then you should not ignore it.

Parents usually do not take notice about these things and they get mad whenever their teens act strangely. Don’t be. It is just an indication that you’re no longer spending a lot of quality time with them.

When I say “quality time”, I meant doing some activities with them – at least more of the active variety. For instance, instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV together, why not go out there and bond outside like walking in the park, for example?



Encourage Your Child To Take Care Of Their Physical Health

Most of the teens nowadays rarely think about their physical health. In fact, teenage obesity is on the rise thanks to modern technology and foods that are easily well within reach. Obesity is linked to several other diseases such as heart disease, gout, premature ejaculation, diabetes and so on, so you need to be aware of your child’s physical health.

Encourage them to be more active like engaging more in sports and exercise as well as other physical activities. Also, provide them with good and nutritious foods and only do so in the right amounts.

I also advise that you monitor their sleep and encourage them to spend less and less time using the computer or any other gadgets to further improve their quality of sleep as well.



Reach Out for Help

If you’ve done the above things and their condition seems to not improve, then it is safe to say that you can now reach out for help.

Doing so early on will prevent any suicidal ideations and self-harm. Remember, do not treat depression as something that is not drastic because it is a serious psychological condition that parents should never ignore.

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