Some Useful Interior Design Tips from a Pro

Are you planning to do a Makeover- If you are, read this article first because it
will highlight some really useful interior design tips from none other than Nick Olsen- the
‘DIY Whisperer’.

A Quick Change

A lot of people that think about beautifying their homes would usually buy a lot of art
pieces that speak to themselves. There is nothing wrong with that and I actually
advocate that buy some, but what I am saying is that most people hang them up way
too high.

I don’t know people do this but I am assuming that this is probably because of the fact
that they see it in movies that paintings are usually hung in high places. Well, they have
to understand that the paintings that they see on film are quite huge.

If you are going to place some paintings on the wall, it is important that you keep them
at eye level only.

When Decorating Huge Spaces

If you have a really huge room to fill, a lot of people assume that they have to spend a
lot of money just to make that happen, but that is not true at all.

When decorating a large room, you can just place a huge painting or two and that
should suffice.

What if You Can’t Afford the Painting?

Paintings that are sold at art galleries are typically quite expensive and not a lot of
people have the money to buy them.

Fortunately, you can just by a blank canvas and do some painting yourself. If you can
spend a little bit more, you can hire a freelance artist to do it for you.

What About Small Spaces?

This is actually pretty interesting and one thing that I can advise you to do would be to
just paint the door. That’s it! Every room has a door and painting it will give life to the
room that it leads to.

What if You Only Have Enough Money to Revamp One Room, What

Will Happen to the Others?

Money is always going to be an issue when it comes to interior design and that is quite
reasonable. If you only have money to revamp only one room for now, then just make
sure that you clean the other rooms.

I am talking about cleaning up any junk from those rooms and only keep the ones that
you deem are essential.

So, despite the fact that you still do not have enough money to revamp all rooms, at
least you are making the other ones’ tidy enough to live in.

What Should I Do with a Bland Room?

The most noticeable change if you want to revamp a boring room is to add some color
to it. Think about a paint job and putting some suitable rugs. Furniture can be added at
a later date.

What Color of Paint Should I Use?

Well, that will really depend on your preference and psychology. For the most part, you
want your home to look really nice so think about earthy colors. But again, it is entirely
up to you.

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